[ NEWS 21.12.2015 22:04:00 Christmas Give-away ]

Christmas Give-away

21.12.2015 22:04:00

Hi all,

long tie no new from my side, although I’ve been adding lots of stuff on my website. I wrote a whole pack of tools and utilities for the browser game Illyriad. And now that christmas is almost there I have a small give-away as well!
I have Steam Keys for the following games:

1x Two World 2
1x Earth 2150 - The Moon Project
1x Earth 2150 - Lost Souls
3x Enclave

Just write a an answer to the posting in my forum or comment my Facebook Posting with the Key you want to have. Only one Key per person!
Please note that the keys are for the european market so they may or may not work on other continents.