[ NEWS 24.12.2022 13:39:30 Merry X-Mas & Steam-Key give-away ]

Merry X-Mas & Steam-Key give-away

24.12.2022 13:39:30

Merry X-Mas everyone!
2022 is nearing it's end and whew - what a year... Finally mankind managed to get a hold of Corona and then the war between Russia and Ukraine started and the whole world is suffering for it...
But today is a day for celebration! And of course... gifts. :)
And I also have some Steam Keys to give-away. But they're first come - first serve.
Here's a list of keys you can redeem on Steam:

Lego - The Hobbit - XBE0V-X3EQZ-3ER3A
Grid 2 - 4T5E2-XIHQY-Q3RLT
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - Z05GQ-L7EY6-B6TFL
The Flame in the Flood - DNIDK-FJJY2-48EQC
Minion Masters - Zealous Inferno DLC - MNEXL-ZVZXN-XZBYY
Overlord 2 - 55FMN-ER4W7-GIZKD
Age of Wonders 3 - KTY28-YTV5A-XMA0F
Gorky 17 - BQ69L-QJX09-4WIAD
Risen - V736P-V70LD-LF449
Evoland Legendary Edition - BJBQY-DBRC8-54J7Z
I wish you a lot of fun with those games. :)