[ NEWS 22.03.2023 20:43:10 New file added - Diablo IV - 1,5h Gameplay ]

New file added - Diablo IV - 1,5h Gameplay

22.03.2023 20:43:10

I just added a new file to my website!

Title: Diablo IV - 1,5h Gameplay
I recorded a lot of gameplay from the last Diablo IV Beta weekend and decided to put some of the parts together into one video. This shows roughly 1,5h of gameplay directly from the beginning of the game. Unfortunatelly I did have some sound & video problems while recording, so they have been recorded as well. This gameplay material is from the Friday, 17th of March 2023. I encountered many problems including lag and runnerbanding on Friday. Most of the problems were gone on Saturday so I assume that Blizzard fixed these over the night to Saturday.

Link: https://www.digioso.com/d4_gameplay