[ NEWS 09.10.2023 07:42:05 New file added - Diablo IV - Kor Dragan Stronghold ]

New file added - Diablo IV - Kor Dragan Stronghold

09.10.2023 07:42:05

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Title: Diablo IV - Kor Dragan Stronghold
Kor Dragan is one of 3 Strongholds located in the Fractured Peaks zone. Kor Dragan has a recommended level of 25 to open the Stronghold, but a well-geared character near that level or a strong group can certainly attempt to tackle this challenge early. The fight usually ends with a battle against a boss (in Kor Dragan the boss fight is against Nilcar, the Forgotten Bishop). And there usually is a Lilith statue as well. After conquering a stronghold some NPCs and merchants settle in and usually there's also a dungeon you can enter afterwards. However no NPCs are settling in Kor Dragan.

Link: https://www.digioso.com/d4_kor_dragan