[ NEWS 08.12.2008 23:04:37 Big news again ]

Big news again

08.12.2008 23:04:37

I´ve posted big news yesterday and today I have something big as well. As you may have noticed I replace the simple "Download", "Mirror" and "YouTube" texts on my download-page with appropiate banners showing you exactly where the file you want is hosted.
In the future all of my files will be provided by GameVideos Online, which I´m working on these days. I´ll add some files to my primary mirror, gamefiles.de as well and, if the video is short enough it´ll be uploaded to YouTube.
But that's not all for today!
I added another Lord of the Rings Online video. It shows all bosses in one of the new instances in Moria called the "Treasure Chamber" and you can believe me, when I say, that you can find lots of treasures and - of course - Orcs in there.