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News... again

22.01.2010 11:54:33

Aww... It's been nearly half a year without any news here... again. Sorry about that. Well, leaving the missing news aside, I've added lots of stuff in the last six months. Of course there are a lot of new videos, especially for Lotros Mirkwood-Expansion.
Right now I am one of the lucky ones and got myself a Key for Star Trek Online Open Beta and of course I recorded some videos. But there will be more in the near future. However I won't be playing STO after the beta.

I've got two more things:
For all those who are playing StarMarines (a Browsergame) you might be interested in my Item-Tool which sorts the items you have and makes a nice looking list.

And the second thing is a signature generator. Yep, I bet you've seen all those nice looking pictures in the forum signatures. Well, ever wondered where they came from? Signature generators! And you can use mine to make yourself a signature. However I currently only have pictures for Lord of the Rings Online. Well... maybe there's someone out there willing to make pictures for other games... If you're interested, feel free to contact me and I'll implement them.

Star Trek Online-Videos
StarMarines Item-Tool
Signature Generator