[ NEWS 28.11.2011 09:31:04 SWTOR and RPG Maker VX ]

SWTOR and RPG Maker VX

28.11.2011 09:31:04

Well... no update from me for another long time... I always forget to post here...
Anyway no news doesn't mean that there's no update. Meanwhile I added two new categories:
The first one is for BioWares upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. I was pretty lucky and got a beta-key and since the NDA has been lifted I am allowed to post them as well.
So far there's a total of five videos online but I'll upload more in the next days.

And the second new category is the RPG Maker VX. Everybody has probably heard about the RPG Maker series which allows you to create your own RPG game. And the newest version VX allows a lot of customizing via scripts. I am working on a game myself and modified/edited some already existing scripts which I decided to share with the world. So if you're working with RPG Maker VX you might want to have a look at my scripts.