[ NEWS 02.09.2012 17:01:01 RaiderZ Closed Beta Keys ]

RaiderZ Closed Beta Keys

02.09.2012 17:01:01

Hi all, I got my hands on two european closed beta keys for the upcoming MMORPG RaiderZ. My first impression is that the game looks a lot like TERA. It has almost the same combat system. So you have to target the enemies yourself and then hit or throw yout magic against them.
You can learn more about the game on the official website http://www.raiderz-europe.com.

Still interested in tge game Good!. To register one of the keys you have to visit this page: http://www.raiderz-europe.com/account/redeem-code.html

And here are the two keys. Whoever registers first wins so you better be quick!